About Me

This is a radio platform looking for artists to promote their music! I am also affiliated with 93.5FM and can have it aired as well! I also have www.kingandqueenradio.com in which we feature not only artists & musicians, but also world re-known psychic Sister Dobong. I can help change your destiny, help you understand and clear the roadblocks that have been preventing you from the success you deserve. I also offer the opportunity to expose your talents and promote your business, service or product with a live interview. Our mission and desire is for new artists to gain unlimited exposure so we can give people a chance to let the world to get to know new peoples talent when no one else will give them a chance. I love music and want to help the world hear your music and message. I love inspiring creations and stories and sharing them with my audience. Please contact 718-253-7273. Tune in Mondays live on 93.5FM from 10pm-Midnight for The Beyond Show and Tuesdays from 1 AM-2 AM for There We Go Jamaica! I conduct interviews with artists, offers spiritual advice and lucky numbers.

I am so grateful for the hundreds of testimonials about my psychic readings that I have received in letters, cards and emails from clients (and many more testimonials that I have received by voice-mail messages, which I have not included here). Clients have told me that my consultations have been enlightening and transformational because of the impact they have had on their lives. It is my honor and privilege to help people with my psychic gifts, and I am profoundly touched that so many took the time to write such kind testimonials about my psychic services.

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