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For the week Beginning Sat. Dec. 15, 2018 to Friday, Dec. 21, 2018

 Aries: Be honest with yourself and work your way through all your life. This is the time for peace and tranquility. Get into the holiday spirit start with beautiful thoughts, songs and family.

Taurus: Be a team player at work and take that same energy with you all day long in all your travels.  Money will be plentifully from all the hard work that you have put in during the past couple of months. Do not spend it all in one day.

Gemini: Mystery is exciting but when it comes to love you need facts.  Do not waste your time on someone that is not giving you the right signals.  Be open to other possibilities when meeting new people from different walks of life.

Cancer: Being single sometimes is best for everyone including you. Learn about yourself.  You do not want your dreams to slips past you before you had a change to make them come to life.

Leo: There can be setbacks during this time at work. So prepare for delays.  Remove all loose ends by checking all figures carefully before you show them to superiors.

Virgo: Family is feeling left out of your romantic relationship so bring over your date and let them get acquainted.  The holidays are for sharing not hiding. Just give your date a few pointers about the family and smile, smile, smile.

Libra:  Since you are the party bell in the group it is all right to let someone else shine and you just enjoy being in the background.  If you need a lift a work think of all the completed tasks that you have done in such a short time.

Scorpio:  Provide a wise plan to get the job done in the shortest amount of time and you will rewarded with praise and maybe a holiday bonus.  During the evening give yourself some time for holiday preparation for your family.

Sagittarius:  Love is in the stars! Stars will be in your eyes and several of you suitors as well. Now you will have to make a choice that of the most suitable for you. Think about what kind of person makes you feel special 99% of the time.

Capricorn:  A moment of reflection is what is needed so that you can continue on your path.  When you look at all that you have done so far and what is left to accomplish you will have work ahead of you.

Aquarius: Do not let conflict of any kind cause you stress just step away and breathe.  You can plan your course of action once you have a clear head. Arrange uplifting musical tunes to flow in your home to put you in the positive frame of mind.

Pisces: Love deserves attention at any age.  You must take the time to explore your love interest.  Do you have many interests or will you begin new adventures? So many possibilities but you are up for the challenge.