Oct 23 - Nov 21

Sat. June 22, 2024 – Friday, June 28, 2024
Scorpio: ♏
Lucky Numbers:
046 0761
Lotto: 1, 4, 57, 60, 63, 69
Time to go out and give yourself a treat with the savings that you have. Change your hair or put on a new pair of shoes. Dress it up.

These individuals are clever, prompt people, who can contribute to any work. If the power of these people lie in these features, their deepest weaknesses are ingrained in them.
This same ‘not going to bog down’ behaviour becomes sore, when Scorpios receive and treat every rejection as an offence. These people then become irrepressible. They are not fearsome or pessimistic. They are quite likeable, reliable friends and beautiful lovers.
Scorpios agree to the demands of their partners and children and are okay with taking a step back for their contentment. These individuals are some of the best partners till their revengeful sides are given a jolt. Disloyalty is hated by them and they cannot tolerate it.
Scorpios lose their disposition and get extremely angry if someone gets in their way. They crave for their own little space. They are bold and keep doing their work, as they are hell bent on winning. Their aura of puzzle and closeness makes them similar to a magnet, someone to whom people will be attracted.

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